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LIBRARY HOUSE | Shinichi Ogawa & Associates

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February 17, 2013

LIBRARY HOUSE is a one-story residence located in a calm residential area. The symmetric elevation is composed of a white cubic volume as living/dining space, and a low volume that encloses the central cube.

The living/dining space has a 6 m high ceiling, and its northern wall is a high and large book-shelf that will be completely filled with a lot of books. The opposite wall is open to the southern courtyard and takes in various natural elements. Moreover, the toplight makes it an impressive space giving sky view and natural light from the upper side. At the same time, the room realizes a comfortable environment, adjusting the quantity of light in accordance with the time or season by an exterior awning.

The plan composition doesn’t have any corridor and it’s possible to access all rooms from the central room. The large courtyard with a tree faces to living/dining, master bedroom, office, and the smaller one with a pool is for living/dining, bathroom, and child room.

It is a house for the client who is a great reader. He can live enjoying his reading time in this quiet but rich space, feeling the change of season thanks to the closed courtyards.

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Tags: #Courtyards#Minimalism

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