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K CLINIC | Shinichi Ogawa & Associates

Words by mooponto Staff

August 25, 2012

The intention was to design a medical treatment and rehabilitation space filled with sunlight, open to the outside, and surrounded by green, providing a relaxing, easy environment for patients and staff alike.

External walls are largely glazed and interior space is divided by low partitions of 1.5 m allowing all working areas to have views to the outside. A large overhanging roof, extending 5.8 m beyond the building envelope, controls the sunlight and creates an intermediate covered space around the building.

The close relationship between inside and outside is important in creating a comfortable, calm setting. The green roof, grass, and trees provide an escape from the urban environment, contributing a landscaped space to the town. As the trees mature, this will become a clinic in a forest.

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Tags: #Minimalism

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