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October 27, 2013

Clinic design that you choose to distinguish the patient for the purpose of advanced high medical technology and offer it?

Differentiation of dental clinic ballooning in Japan is gaining every year.

Patients at the same time you select a clinic, there is a right to choose patients in clinic side.

I took a new approach to build a subject that to achieve the distinction of patient layer through space design here.

I was aggregated act linking the reception space which is composed of only artificial light and clinic space full the external light, for example.

Was constructed in glass clinic for the passage of sight without blocking the external light.

Simple configuration I direct a scene open-minded created a feeling of floating there.

Stainless steel mirror finish and fixtures wall black mirror of the dark tone and bare concrete wall was a space to feel the mass has a presence and solid feeling as opposed to it.

I was allowed to amplify the light in that it combines a line with indirect light on the ceiling surface as an operation which connects the two spaces, lay the marble shiny.

Ray of light has enabled the construction space dynamic is a device to emphasize the individual along with the consciousness induced by this.

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Tags: #Minimalism

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