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We welcome submissions from architects, designers, event organizers and others who like to see their work published. As we are rapidly growing space for Japanese architecture and design, we are in a great position to promote your work to our devoted global readership and journalists.

How to submit your projects

In order for us to publish your work in the best possible way, your submissions should include:

–  full name of the architect / office / studio
–  correct name of the project/building in English
–  hi-res photos (2000px wide or high if possible) and in .JPEG file format, and the more images, the better. if you must send zipped photos or links to downloadable photos, please send us a few sample photos via mail to give us an idea of your project
–  hi-quality plans, sections, elevations, and drawings are very popular with our readers, so please include them if you can
–  project description in English (at least 300 words) that includes the characteristics of the building, its location, year of construction, function, etc.
–  overall size of the file should be a maximum of 200 MB

You will receive a reply from us shortly if your submission is successfully received.

Galleries and event organizers
If you are interested in creating greater exposure for your event/exhibition, competition, or press release, please attach relevant promotional material. thank you.

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Note: recently built projects or projects that haven’t been published before will be exclusively published.

Thank you!

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