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[ Our story ]

mooponto was started as a project in the spring of 2012 after identifying a gap in online architecture media that no serious anglophone website strictly devoted to modern Japanese minimalist architecture was out there. In the meantime, mooponto is quickly becoming one of the most referenced online sources in the field of Japanese architecture.

We concentrate on Japanese minimalist architecture projects built in Japan or architecture built elsewhere by Japan-based architectural offices and architects. We recently started publishing product+furniture designs created by Japanese designers. Also, you can soon expect to see hi-quality projects designed by non-Japanese architects built all over the world, that are true to the Japanese minimalist spirit. The focus is definitely on already built projects, but also some great JA related proposals will be presented.

Projects presented here are mostly described by their respected authors themselves, with useful hi-res photographs and plans and as accurate as possible project data at the bottom of each post.

[ Our mission ]

Our goal is to bring the amazing philosophy and design ideas behind Japanese minimalist architecture closer to wider audiences besides architects and designers, and by doing so to create the largest online project-based archives for Japanese architecture for which we have the deepest respect and admiration.

Please direct your inquiries, comments, and feedback to info@mooponto.com

To submit your work, please visit this page for more info.

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