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August 7, 2013

Many buildings stand side by side in the shopping district near the train station. There were many partitioned tenement-houses in this area, but currently rebuilding has been proceeding. There is a platform of the conventional lines on the north side of the site. And there is a municipal road that is parallel to the line on the south side of the site. This is a narrow site is surrounded by buildings that were built close to the boundary, on the east and west side. We designed the building on this narrow site.

The floor area of the building is small, and so we came up with various ideas to make it more spacious than the actual area. In the closed space, it is necessary to actively open to the outside in order to obtain an extension. We have planned to go through the line of sight towards the upward in a positive manner because the north and south direction has a void on the upper side. The activities inside the building are opened to the road on the south side, and it will be integrated with the landscape of the region. By placing the terrace on the third and fourth floors, we have planned to get a sense of openness while blocking gently to the line of sight from the station platform on the north side. You can view the sky through the building, which means we have contributed to the reduction of the oppressive feeling of the volume against the surroundings.

The second floor (office room A) and the third floor (office room C) have been connected by an atrium, and the same applies to the second floor (office room B) and the fourth floor (office room D). Each of these rooms is related with a suitable distance. The office portion has been composed of two volumes that led to the gradual multi-layer floor. The two volumes have been intertwined. By contiguous space and segmented space, you can perceive that the multiple locations are scattered while staying in one place. We have planned for multiple lines of flow to pass between the volume, outside the corridor on the second floor, and the middle of a spiral staircase. The room and the room, the volume and the volume, the line of flow, and the line of flow, by these has been intertwined intricately, the space attains expanse over the actual area.

The rental office must be able to use to adjustable in response to a variety of applications. The portion of the office can be rented together or divided into two. Even in this case, the volume provides expressive spaces because it is composed of layers of floor.

We plan to make piping efficient, by integrating plumbing into the second floor. The client requested to maximize the first floor and floor area ratio. And the outer wall has been forced to close at hand the site boundary. Because buildings are built to the site boundary close, on the east and west side, the maintenance of the outer wall is difficult after completion. Then the outer wall has adopted a weatherproof building material. And a part of the outer walls was set-backed for maintenance.

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