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June 29, 2013

Yokohama apartment is a residential complex consisting of a semi-public courtyard canopied by four one-room units for young artists.

A semi-public courtyard is a place for exhibition and work. The site is a hilly area with narrow roads where small wooden houses cluster.

This is why a sense of distance, which is compact with actual feeling, exists. We thought that by providing a semi-public courtyard for exhibition and work and huts for living, the place would become an environment where people can find place and ways to use according to the condition.

The semi-public courtyard is a modern interpretation apprehending piloti not only as the form of space but also as a condition that encourage a variety of lifestyle adding elements such as staircase and triangular shape which is found out from surrounding environment.

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Tags: #Courtyards#Japanese housing#Koichi Torimura#Minimalism

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