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SunnyHills at Minami-Aoyama | Kengo Kuma & Associates

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March 16, 2014

SunnyHills at Minami-Aoyama is a shop that specialized in selling pineapple cake (a popular sweet in Taiwan) and it has the shape of a bamboo basket.

It is built on a joint system called “Jiigoku-Gumi”, the traditional method used in Japanese wooden architecture (often observed in Shoji: vertical and cross pieces in the same width are entwined in each other to form a muntin grid).

see a visualization video about ‘SunnyHills’

Normally the two pieces intersect in two dimensions, but here they are combined in 30 degrees in 3 dimensions (or in cubic), which came into a structure like a cloud.

With this idea, the section size of each wood piece was reduced to as thin as 60mm × 60mm.

As the building is located in the middle of the residential area in Aoyama, we wanted to give some soft and subtle atmosphere to it, which is completely different from a concrete box.

We expect that the street and the architecture could be in good chemistry.

useful link: SunnyHills Japan

Tags: #Cake shops#Daici Ano#Minimalism

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