SunnyHills at Minami-Aoyama | Kengo Kuma & Associates

SunnyHills at Minami-Aoyama | Kengo Kuma & Associates

wooden lattice suddenly ends, creating entrance to the shop

‘SunnyHills at Minami-Aoyama’ is a shop specialized in selling pineapple cake (popular sweet in Taiwan) and it has the shape of a bamboo basket.

criss-crossed wooden slats remind us of dense forest where the Sun is trying to push through gently at sunset

It is built on a joint system called “Jiigoku-Gumi”, traditional method used in Japanese wooden architecture (often observed in Shoji: vertical and cross pieces in the same width are entwined in each other to form a muntin grid).

see visualization video about ‘SunnyHills’

Normally the two pieces intersect in two dimensions, but here they are combined in 30 degrees in 3 dimensions (or in cubic), which came into a structure like a cloud.

detail of the intricate wooden facade

all of the slat connections are made without the use of nails or glue

With this idea, the section size of each wood piece was reduced to as thin as 60mm×60mm.

entrance area that is very welcoming and relaxing

the is also a place inside to leave your bicycle

As the building is located in middle of the residential area in Aoyama, we wanted to give some soft and subtle atmosphere to it, which is completely different from a concrete box.

shop on the first floor with interesting timber table

geometric apertures formed between the wooden pieces allow sunlight to naturally illuminate the interior

a basket-like weave can also be found inside the building

We expect that the street and the architecture could be in good chemistry.

useful link: SunnyHills Japan

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site plan

ground floor plan

first floor plan

second floor plan

roof floor plan


elevation 01

elevation 02

elevation 03

elevation 04

structure diagram 02 (see more diagrams in our gallery bellow)

architects: Kengo Kuma & Associates
location: 3-10-20 Minamiaoyama, Minato Ward, Tokyo Metropolis, Japan
function: cake shop
project team: Kengo Kuma + Kenji Miyahara, Hiroaki Akiyama, Yuteki Dozono, Masahiro Minami
structural engineering: Jun Sato Structural Engineering
facilities: Kankyo Engineering
HVAC: San-ei Setsubi Kogyo
plumbing: San-ei Setsubi Kogyo
electric: Kokko Systems
construction: Satohide Corporation
site area: 175.69 m²
built area: 102.36 m²
total floor area: 293.00 m²
structural system: reinforced concrete, partially timber (3F + RF)
completion period: December 2013
photographs: Daici Ano, Ken Lee

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