house-n | mattch

house-n | mattch

The site of ‘house-n’ is a trapezoid facing the green extension of the elementary school spread through a front-shaped slope.

A construction for furniture, such as a shop without a feeling of life, was demanded from the chief mourner.

view from the street

Because of the site, the house shape is the transformation of two rectangles that leave a free space for internal circulation.


Because of the gradient of the site, the decision was to gradually repeat the level of the floor dividing the house into skip-stop floors space.

metal staircase

bedroom with exposed metal ceiling

Each floor has displayed much furniture, which the chief mourner owns. Impartially, the furniture use the most of the spaces while having a bedroom, the functions such as the kitchen begins to be blurred in the other spaces through central stairs.

dining area with kitchen

The heating and cooling system was established as an art object along the free space throw the vertical circulation with the idea to keep each floor comfortable.

living space


At the same time these operation connects gently the space between, top and bottom, right and left. The circulation moderates the space of the building to felt the expansion in despite of the narrowness of the construction.

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25 - plan concept

plan concept

26 - first floor plan

first floor plan

27 - second floor plan

second floor plan

28 - third floor plan

third floor plan

29 - section


33 - section concept 04

section concept

architects: mattch
location: Mizuho Ward, Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, Japan
function: single family house
project team: Ryuji Takenaka + Takenori Saga
site area: 77.86 m²
built area: 43.81 m²
first floor area: 43.81 m²
second floor area: 42.55 m²
third floor area: 27.68 m²
total floor area: 98.16 m²
built coverage ratio: 58.00 %
total floor coverage ratio: 126.00 %
maximum height: 8,774 mm
structural system: steel frame (3F)
exterior finish: paint spraying to alc board, galvalume flat cover
completion period: 2012
photographs: Satoru Umetsu / Nacasa & Partners Inc. _ courtesy of mattch


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