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September 10, 2012

sorte residence has been built in what was once a old timber house.

It has a good influence on the surrounding by making the outside approach space of sharing. Because of the approach of five households the floor concentrates, it becomes a three-dimensional composition of the vertical direction of each unit.

I thought that a three-dimensional composition becomes an affluent space in the city. The area and the plan of all units are different. Which unit which part of the building has been stored is not understood from the outside, high privacy is secured. This is a result of considering that it is on the site where the detached house in the one-storied house has built originally.

If the building can be recognized as one target, it is not subdivision from 1 unit to 5 units, and it becomes rebuilding in one object. And, the role of the site in the city in the building doesn’t change. I think that such a three-dimensional house of terrace style become one method of raising the quality of living by construction in a high-density residential quarter in the center of a city.

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Tags: #Koichi Torimura#Minimalism

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