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House in Takatsuki | Horibe Associates

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October 30, 2012

This property is located in a crowded residential district, with a parking lot on the west that is likely to be developed and a newspaper distribution center to the north that operates from early in the morning.

Given those circumstances, we decided to design the house around a central courtyard and surround the property with walls, closing it off from the street.

To avoid pressing in too much on the narrow alley to the east, we kept the height as low as possible and placed the courtyard’s autumn flowering cherry so it would be visible to people walking down the alley.

The interior is minimalistic and breezy, even though we kept the number of doors low to ensure privacy.


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first floor plan:
[1] courtyard
[2] atelier
[3] entrance
[4] washroom / bathroom / lavatory
[5] walk-in closet
[6] car parking space

second floor plan:
[7] kitchen
[8] living room + dining room
[9] master bedroom
[10] balcony

architects: Horibe Associates architect’s office
location: Takatsuki, Osaka Prefecture, Japan
function: residence
site area: 99.50 m²
built area: 52.17 m²
total floor area: 81.98 m²
structural system: wooden construction (2F)
design to completion: August 2003 – January 2004
photographs: Hiroyuki Hirai _ courtesy of Horibe Associates architect’s office


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