Chushin-ji Temple Priest's Quarters

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Chushin-ji Temple Priest’s Quarters | Katsuhiro Miyamoto & Associates

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May 12, 2012

Chushin-ji is a Buddhist temple nestled in the Japanese Alps. It boasts a long history of over 550 years. The head priest desired to make use of these Priest’s Quarters for such events as exhibitions, lectures and concerts where locals can gather. The residential area and the common space are arranged under a large roof, like a large umbrella, that takes the rhythm of the roofs of the adjacent main hall and reception hall into consideration.

The roof is made of thick concrete so that it would last for 100 or 200 years. It comprises a nested structure as the wooden residential area and other areas are housed underneath. The roof is strong enough to bear heavy snow loads, there is a lot of leeway for the interior design. Renovations are also feasible in the future.

Moreover the existence of the common space is recognizable due to the roof, and it fulfills the role of linking the temple with local residents.

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