nighttime view of the exterior

‘KAWATE’ is a house for a family of four in the city of Gifu.

exterior view of the house with parking area

dynamic space underneath the cantilevered building

It is located one block away from the main street and has a residence area and stores on the east side, on the other side, there is a field on the west side and the rice fields on the north side.

half of the building is stepped up 1.4m, creating a dynamic space beneath

Using spacious scenery of nature from the west and the north side, I was inspired to create a landscape of a ground.

view showing the 6.4m high ceiling in the living room, with light filtering in from its side

This building has a section structure by using skip floor system and the half of the building is 1.4m above the ground which makes it as if it’s floating in the air. This way we could make more open space in the land.

interior view of the dining space showing direct interaction with exterior surroundings

view showing the skip flooring system with its stepped levels

Most part of the premise is put down lawn so that it blends in the surrounded nature.

By having the half of the building floating in the air by cantilevered beam, it creates a dynamic space under the eaves.

the high ceilings and large windows filter sunlight through in the afternoon

Scenery of nature is also taken into the living room while getting the sunlight from the afternoon sun.

see video about ‘KAWATE’

The section structure is used for a living room with skip floor system and we could create the high ceilings of 6.4 m.

Combining different dimensions of 1.4 m, 2.4 m, and 6.4 m height, it gives a dynamic feeling although it’s compact and simple structure.

The eaves connect from the inside of the house to the outer space. It’s almost made for kids’ courtyard. I’m hoping the family will enjoy the eaves.

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floor plans


concept diagram

location: Nishikawate, Gifu, Gifu Prefecture, Japan
function: single family house
project team: Keitaro Muto + Atushi Fujio (collaborator)
site area: 171.73 m²
total floor area: 95.00 m²
structural system: wood structure (2F)
completion period: 2013
photographs: Yoshiike Teruaki _ courtesy of KEITARO MUTO ARCHITECTS


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