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August 27, 2012

Galerie Ashiya Schule manages and promotes contemporary artists.

Because the lot is located on a corner facing a relatively lively street, the client requested an elegant exterior design that would symbolically represent the gallery.

The oversized wooden doors fulfill this symbolic role, drawing visitors into a world that exists apart from everyday life, despite the very short distance between street and gallery.

On either side of the doors, tall, narrow windows give passersby a glimpse of the work on display inside and the worldview of the artists who created it, contributing to the gallery’s mission of promoting modern art.


first floor plan:
[1] galerie
[2] lavatory

mezzanine floor plan:
[3] walk-in closet

second floor plan:
[4] living room + dining room
[5] kitchen
[6] japanese room
[7] library
[8] washroom + lavatory
[9] bathroom

[1] galerie
[3] walk-in closet
[4] living room + dining room
[8] washroom + lavatory

architects: Horibe Associates architect’s office
location: Ashiya, Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan
function: gallery
site area: 75.88 m²
built area: 48.55 m²
total floor area: 93.35 m²
structural system: wooden construction (3F)
design to completion: February 2011 – September 2011
photographs: Kaori Ichikawa _ courtesy of Horibe Associates architect’s office


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